[GRASSLIST:2736] Re: compiling grass and gd includes

cmbarton michael.barton at asu.edu
Wed Dec 5 12:50:59 EST 2001

Thanks very much for the help. I will do this if needed. However, I have 
the PNG library, but don't know what it does for GRASS. What does GD do 
and what do I lose if I disable it?

Also, I do have GDAL installed, but GRASS doesn't want to build to it. I 
have included the --with-libs and  --with-includes  switchs to point to 
my lib and include directories. I have been using GDAL in the 
precompiled binary (for MacOSX) and want to continue to do so.

On Wednesday, December 5, 2001, at 02:58 AM, Glynn Clements wrote:

> The GD library is only used by the PNG driver. You can either obtain
> the GD library from:
> 	http://www.boutell.com/gd/
> or disable the building of the PNG driver by passing the --without-gd
> switch to configure.
> To clarify what Eric said, by default the configure script generates
> an error if an optional library isn't found. You have to explicitly
> disable the use of each optional library using the corresponding
> --without-* switch. The idea was to ensure that the user is aware that
> certain features will be absent.
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