[GRASSLIST:2737] Re: i.rectify and image resolution

ulf at mail.zmt.uni-bremen.de ulf at mail.zmt.uni-bremen.de
Wed Dec 5 13:09:25 EST 2001

Thanks for your answer! Now there is another problem: The rectified
image seems to be causing problems in the target data set; at least I
get segmentation faults of d.rast and ps.map. Depending on the actual
region, the image is printed more or less completely. Do you have any
suggestions how to track this down? 

Thanks, Ulf

 > I recall having had problems with option 1 (define smallest area).
 > I always check the region settings in the target location to ensure
 > my image does not get truncated.  I will check this out again and
 > get back to you.
 > Charles Beaudry
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 > > I copied the new datum/ellipse files over the original ones in my
 > > grass5/etc directory. I then deleted and re-created the target
 > > location/mapset with the resolution values, ellipsoid and map datum
 > > you suggested. Anyway, I am still not able to specify a higher
 > > resolution than 0.01 in i.rectify if I choose the option "2. Determine
 > > the smallest region which covers the image". The other option ("1. Use
 > > the current region in the target location") works apparently well.
 > > 
 > > Many thanks for your advice + help!
 > > Regards, Ulf

 Ulf Mehlig    <ulf.mehlig at zmt.uni-bremen.de>
               Center for Tropical Marine Ecology/ZMT, Bremen, Germany

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