[GRASSLIST:2816] Re: XYZ Ascii into Grass

Andrea Aime aaime at comune.modena.it
Fri Dec 21 07:19:10 EST 2001

Prepare a tab separated file with x y and z and try

s.in.ascii sitefile in=asciifile sep=tab

It this doesn't work, maybe you will need to add a 
progressive integer number to the ascii file, that is, 
x <tab> y <tab> prog <tab> z 
in order to import it properly and to use it with 
interpolation modules.
Hope this helps, it's been some time since I imported
ascii files into site format
Best regards
Andrea Aime

Matthew Boulanger wrote:
> I'm the epitomy of a newbie to GRASS, I recently began using it once there
> was a version available for the Mac.  I have been using Surfer to do most of
> my work, and am looking at GRASS as a more suitable (and mac native)
> replacement.  My problem is that I can't for the life of me figure out how
> to import an ASCII text (either tab or comma delimited) file into GRASS and
> have it read the file as X,Y, and Z coordinates.  The closest I can come is
> to create a site file out of the X and Y points, and assign the Z to them.
> This isn't particularly helpful for me, as I am looking to create a terrain
> map with interpolated points between those I've plotted.  Any suggestions on
> how I can do this?
> Matthew Boulanger
> Czech-American Archaeological Field School

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