Ben-Nes Michael miki at canaan.co.il
Thu Jul 5 09:15:09 EDT 2001

I have a similar project upcoming, I need to build maps and show/query them
on the Internet.
As im a newbie my self I divided the problem to two parts.
1. Create the maps
2. Show them on the internet.

After long query with mailing lists, newsgroups, webs and even ESRI meeting
:) I realized that mapserver is best to show of information on the internet.

1. Its free tool ( not like IMS that cost 10000$)
2. Its very simple tool after one understand the concept and what is a SHAPE
3. Its script is cross platform (perl/php)
4. because you can use perl/php ( your choice. I like php) the amount of
flexibility is amazing. (We all know why :)

I don't see how I can use Grass to create the maps, here are some reasons
( I wish I could use it :(

1. Grass can export SHAPE files but it don't work on them directly.
2. Because GRASS don't interact with the .dbf file every time I import or
export to SHAPE file I have the problem of restoring or rearranging the .dbf
3. The new ArcView 8.x has much more reach edit tools then Grass which make
maps looks much more better and it much more easy to update\create.

One bad side is that ArcView cost 2500 $ :(
but still time cost much more money.

list, If im wrong about what i understood about Grass please correct me.

> Does everyone understand what I am on about?  :)
> The data has been put together and is working in ArcView(Info - whatever I
> forget!) and is good.  We need to web enable that.  We have tried ArcIMS -
> assume it can read ArcInfo shape files and projects with a small
> modification they mention in the docs.
> However we would want to do some custom stuff with PHP as well as not use
> NT!
> So in light of all the suggestions does there seem to be a link anywhere?
> With say starting in ArcInfo and then moving to --  ??
> Map server
> or
> CommonGIS
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