B. Byars Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Thu Jul 5 10:15:31 EDT 2001

> They are nice - but ArcIMS - is so inflexible and only runs on NT - which is
> a dog of a server OS.

IMS also has a memory leak big enough to drive a truck through on NT.  We've
documented this, contacted ESRI, and they have NOT responded about it.  They
are supposed to have it fixed for the the newest version.  There are Linux and
versions that are more robust, but IMS is limited in what you can do.  It
doesn't even
support raster data.

IMS also has issues with the robustness of the platform it runs on.  Start
multiple users and you will have a crash.  In addition to the memory leak, it's
memory hog.

I do like SDE although it's like learning a totally new language.  If anyone
wants the
pro-cons, I'll post them.


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