Juan Carlos Gámez Granados jcgamezg at wanadoo.es
Sun Jul 29 07:35:48 EDT 2001

I believe that I don't have explained well. I want access to cartography and
alphabetic data from a application developed by me using C++ Builder. So I
can limit the access to the users of the PC's (windows). Moreover, in this
way, these users don't have to know the GIS management or other topics
related to GIS.

Thanks you very much, again

Juanca :-)

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> Juan,
> You want to do this with a windows xserver program to access any old
> unix xprogram over a network.
> Starnet has some good educational prices I believe. There used to be a
> free one floating around.
> VNC is free and might also work well for this need. GRASSLINKS would
> limit GRASS use to pre-scripted options only.
> Len
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>       Hello,
>       Firstly, excuse me by my English. I am Spanish.
>       I want to do any questions. I am new in Geographic Information
> Systems. I
>       have a net with 5 PC's, one of them in Linux (Debian) and the
> other ones in
>       Windows 98. I have installed GRASS in the PC with Linux and I want
> that the
>       others PC's can access to the PC with Linux to obtain the
> information and
>       cartography of the GIS (with a application developed by me with
> C++
>       Builder).
>       The questions are:
>       - Is it possible?
>       - How can I do it?
>       - What I need to do it?
>       Moreover I want ask to you for documentation about GIS, mainly
> about
>       projects developed with GIS and how these projects have been
> developed.
>       Thank you very much,
>       Juanca :-)
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