[GRASSLIST:2209] Re: Another problem with r.proj

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Jul 29 10:47:48 EDT 2001

On Sun, 29 Jul 2001, Andreas Lange wrote:

> i can confirm that r.proj in GRASS 5.0.0pre1 does work with my data
> (lat/lon, leae, gkk projections).

  Thank you, Andreas!

> While i am not able to track the real error down here, i can do some
> brainstorming:

> - i noticed you use a dash ("-") in filenames and directories. I started
> with using dashes over and over in my data, but changed all to underscore,
> as at least r.mapcalc does not work with dashes in filenames. Other
> problems to expect.

  I use both underscores and dashes without paying close attention. If I'm
typing quickly I'll use the dash because it does not require the shift key.
But, your point is well taken.

> - the State Plane System setup within grass is somehow external to the
> other projections stuff and the setup is hardwired into g.setproj. So you
> should double check if this is all correct. Please remember that european
> users/programmers can not help with State Plane.

  Germane to the first part: GROAN!; to the second part: that's perfectly

  I'll see if I can understand g.setproj.

> - There is currently no tool to do NAD conversions within grass.
> m.datum.shift can do this IMHO for single points, but i can't remember.
> - You should double check if all the required files (PROJ_INFO,
> PROJ_UNITS, WIND, DEFAULT_WIND) are intact and at the correct places.

  I used m.datum.shift to translate points from lon/lat to SPC, but not for
NAD translation. I don't know either if it does that.

> The problem may be either a sort of unusual setup that is misinterpreted
> by GRASS or a importing problem with gdal or your data.

  The data display properly, even with dashes in directory and file names.
I've no idea about possible glitches in r.in.gdal or some other place within

Many thanks,


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