[GRASSLIST:2214] problems with grasslinks

jun liu jliu_01 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 23:30:40 EDT 2001


I am trying to make GrassLinks work in my computer and
have finished the configured job for local site. I can
get the correct select menus (&display1) , but for
&display2, no "grasslinks.$$.gif" is created (the size
is zero).

I get through the scipts and feel a little confused by
the sub_function "create_gif":

sub create_gif { 

&system_silent("p.select ppm 1>/dev/null");

input=$TMP/$value{PMAP_SCRIPT} 1> /dev/null");

	#run ppm program to create gif
&system_errors_logged("$PBM_PATH/ppmquant 256 <
$ENV{MAPLP} 2> /dev/null  | $PBM_PATH/ppmtogif
-interlace > $TMP/$value{GIF} 2> /dev/null");


$ENV{MAPLP} is not initialized in the whole scripts,
can it be an input file?

I try to run "p.select ppm 1>/dev/null" directly in
the grass terminal, and it give two errors: one is for
"ppm", because only painter "preview, preview2" exist,
another is for "1", it is regarded as a wrong

I know that many people have run the Grasslinks
successfuly,  could anybody tell me how to make it
I am using Grass5.0 in Redhat 6.2.


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