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Yan Fitterer y.fitterer at ram.ac.uk
Tue May 8 04:49:32 EDT 2001


I'm baffled at this, as I remember trying it without -s, and not getting 
negative values (which you do need now and again - not counting the fact that 
on the gtopo30, the sea is at -9999).

It all worked fine under Grass 4 (as I just said to Kevin). I thought as well 
that Bob was the brains currently in charge of r.in.bin, implying that there 
was a bug to be corrected.

Where am I going wrong?

----  On 5 May 2001, at 0:26, Glynn Clements wrote:  ----

> kevin cross wrote:
> >     I have posed this question before but not with this detail.
> > I get a moat around the central valley of California, and
> > since I live here I know it doesn't exist!.  Basically it is the
> > same problem you are having, though I think I recalled
> > negative values all the way to about -450.
> If so, then it isn't the problem Yan was having. That was caused by
> using the "-s" flag, which should only be used on 1-byte-per-cell
> data.
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