[GRASSLIST:1826] Re: ALPHA64 Vectors (DEC Unix)?

Lawrence Houston grass at boyd.geog.mcgill.ca
Thu May 10 10:50:06 EDT 2001


On Thu, 10 May 2001, it was written:

> i compiled GRASS5.0beta12 from the CVS on FreeBSD 4.2 on Alpha AXP some
> time ago.
> The current vector library is not 64-bit ready. You can create _new_
> vector maps on 64bit machines and read them, but you can not read vector
> maps created on 32bit machines (like all sample data). The raster format
> is interchangeable between 32bit and 64bit (as it uses xdr).

Yes I understand 32-bit and 64-bit Vector Files are NOT yet
interchangeable and hence I followed the recommended proceedure of
converting to/from ASCII!

> Apart from that i noticed no problems, but i did not very much testing.
> I think that for GRASS 4.x you are out of luck, switch to GRASS 5. IMHO
> full 64bit support for vectors is on the way for GRASS 5.1. For DEC Unix
> i can not recommend anything, do you have a compiler and the GNU tools
> for DEC Unix? If not, with Linux for AXP GRASS should compile out of the
> box.

Although I have enough tools so Beta 11 compiles reasonably well under Dec
UNIX, I still have troubles with v.to.rast refusing to run (with its
warning about the data being 64-bit) and v.support NOT being able to
effect the corrections to v.to.rast's liking!  Whether it is my tools or
GRASS5 NOT being well supported under Dec UNIX, those are the type of
questions I am trying to address.  If GRASS5 has fuller support under
Alpha/Linux, that is good to know!

Lawrence Houston  -  (grass at boyd.geog.mcgill.ca)

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