[GRASSLIST:1855] Broken pipe in r3.showdspf?

Quim Soler i Subils jsole010 at correu.udg.es
Tue May 22 08:54:53 EDT 2001

Hello everybody,

I've a problem with r3.showdsfp in my grass5beta11, compiled succesfully
(?) from sources on a iMac with Linux.

I use r3.makedspf with the output from s.vol.idw ("prova") to make a
dspf file ("provadspf"). Util here all seems correct.
Then I call r3.showdspf from the console, because I haven't found it in
the graphic menus, in order to display the result. After answering the
questions the console shows all the possible options described in the
html manual of r3.showdspf but no new windows or frames appear with the
pictures I want. And if I attempt to choose any option from the console
a "Broken pipe" message appears and the r3.showdpsf quits dumping core
in my home directory.
The html manual of r3.showdspf says that more windows should appear in
order to show the pictures in 3D. But no windows or frames appear in my

Anybody knows what's happening here? I have not found this problem in
the bugs list. 
I attach the text from the console.

Another question,
Can I display 3D sites files in GRASS as points? 

Thank you very much,


Laboratori d'Arqueologia
Universitat de Girona
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GRASS:~ > r3.showdspf

OPTION:   Name of an existing 3dcell map
     key: grid3
required: YES

Enter the name of an existing 3dcell file
Enter 'list' for a list of existing 3dcell files
Hit RETURN to cancel request
> prova

OPTION:   Name of existing display file
     key: dspf
required: YES
enter option > provadspf

You have chosen:
Is this correct? (y/n) [y]

OPTION:   Name of existing color table
     key: color
required: NO
enter option >
xdim = 9 ydim = 9 zdim = 9
 n = 0.000000 s = 0.000000 e = 0.000000 w = 0.000000
t = 0.000000 b = 0.000000
ns_res = 0.000000 ew_res = 0.000000 tb_res = 0.000000
min = -366.741760 max = -341.721283
Could not open color file for reading
Using default color table
?, (t #), (T # #), +, -
(x #) (y #) (z #) (X #) (Y #) (Z #)
 B(x,y,z)#), (E(x,y,z)#), R, d ,g, s ,W, w,i,c,Q
?         lists available thresholds
l index# index# ...  add thresholds to display list
L        display list of thresholds entered with "l" directive
T index#  reset so only this threshold is displayed
+(+++)    display thresholds with consecutively increasing index#
-(---)    display thresholds with consecutively decreasing index#
x int#    absolute rotation around x-axis in degrees(int)
y int#    absolute rotation around y-axis in degrees(int)
z int#    absolute rotation around z-axis in degrees(int)
r  rotate_model
g  toggle grid display
X int#   scale model in x
Y int#   scale model in y
Z int#   scale model in z
S int#    specular highlight control
B(x,y,z)int#  begin display along (x,y,z) axis at #
E(x,y,z)int#  end display along (x,y,z)axis #
R   resets display along axis to show all data
C   toggles the c_flag
c   clears the display (no thresholds)
w filename  write gif file image
W filename  dump raw image buffer file
i filename  read raw image buffer file
d   draw
h   help
enter desired manipulations then press return
Q ? + - r d l L (xyz)# (XYZ)# S B(xyz)# E(xyz)# R g C c w W i h t T#
 >Broken pipe


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