[GRASSLIST:2554] Profiles using contour vector lines

spoedniek at f2s.com spoedniek at f2s.com
Fri Oct 5 03:41:15 EDT 2001


I need some suggestions on creating a profile using vector objects (contour
lines), rather than raster DEMs. Are there any functions in GRASS that I can use
for this?

I wrote a script for this using a commercial GIS package (TNTmips from
MicroImages), but would like to do it in GRASS. The process I used in the script
was to merge the contour line vector object with the line along which the
profile is to be drawn and then to follow this line from node to node recording
the elevation from the contour lines attached to each node. I know GRASS doesn't
yet have all the vector functionality that most vector based GIS packages have,
but perhaps someone has been working on something similar? I am quite new to
GRASS and have not checked out all the functions.

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