[GRASSLIST:4211] Re: d.what.v.pg problem

orkun temiz at deprem.gov.tr
Mon Aug 5 03:08:22 EDT 2002

Glynn Clements wrote:

>orkun wrote:
>>when U use this command
>>(d.what.v.pg -f map=f28mr tab=koy col='no' color=white fillcolor=blue)
>>I get "No socket to connect to for monitor <x1>.
>>ERROR eof from graphics driver." message
>>Same problem occurs d.vect.pg key=no tab=koy where=12 map=f28mr color=indigo
>>I checked postgresql. Nothing seems to wrong.
>>What might lead the problem ?
>The active monitor is "x1", but it isn't running. If no monitors are
>running, use "d.mon start=x0" to start one. If "x0" is already
>running, use "d.mon select=x0" to make it the active monitor.
The problem still goes on  
Here is my command sequence

GRASS:~ > d.mon start=x0
using default visual which is TrueColor
ncolors: 16777216
Graphics driver [x0] started
GRASS:~ > d.vect map=f28mr color=green
GRASS:~ >  g.select.pg database=dbbk1
GRASS:~ > d.what.v.pg map=f28mr tab=koy col=no color=green
No socket to connect to for monitor <x0>.

kind regards

Ahmet Temiz
Geological Engineer
General Directorate
of Disaster Affairs

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