[GRASSLIST:4336] Re: gislock problem - revisited

Jack Varga jvarga at boulder.net
Tue Aug 20 12:28:46 EDT 2002

Few followup questions:  

- Where is the archive for src/libes/edit/edit_cellhd.c you speak of?
- Will compiling with gcc-3.x resolve this?
- Where can I find discussion/documentation on libedit.a compilation bug?
- What should I grab from CVS, weekly snapshot, edit_cellhd.c, etc.?

Eric G. Miller wrote:

>>make: *** No rule to make target 
>>i686-pc-linux-gnu/libedit.a', needed by 
>                    ^^^^^^^^^
>Looks like the libedit.a compilation bug with gcc-2.96.  See archives
>for src/libes/edit/edit_cellhd.c fix, or grab CVS version which has 
>the fix.

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