[GRASSLIST:4344] .gislock woes & success

Bill Sneed bsneed at midcoast.com
Tue Aug 20 19:02:05 EDT 2002

I've been trying to install 5.0.0pre5 on an Athlon 900MHZ that I've 
previously installed at least 3 other 5.0.0preX versions. I've 
consistently gotten the "/usr/local/grass5/etc/lock: No such file or 
directory" message.

The error.log file did show problems with the src/general/init/ 
compilation.  Using gmake5 -i produced the same message others had 
received & did _not_ fix the problem.

The only major change to this RedHat 7.1 linux was the replacement of 
gcc2.96 with 3.1 two months ago. (Was taking some C++ courses and things 
work better with newer version.) This is the first "upgrade" of GRASS 
since that change.

So, following Neil Murphy's lead in his 21 June posting, I tried the 

CFLAGS="O3 -march=athlon" ./configure ...the usual stuff here...
[ NOTE the -march= rather than -mcpu=...this is from the gcc3.1 docs]

Did _not_ need to do the gmake5 routine and things now working nicely.

I'm not enough of a C-pgmmer to explain this but it does work.  Problems 
with gcc 3.1?????

thanks to all....bill sneed, prospect, maine....

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