[GRASSLIST:2967] Re: GRASS pre 3 on RedHat 7.2

Daniel Tourde ted at foi.se
Wed Jan 23 03:25:12 EST 2002


Thanks for your answers. They solved my problem.

>         I ran into the same problems compiling pre3.  I am running RH7.2 as
> well...
> I resolved it the same way that Andrea explains...but also ran into
> several others that you will also have to include, or not include...they
> are: dbm (found in /usr/include/gdbm) ; postgres (found in
> /usr/include/pgsql) ; and fftw (which I did not include, if I remember
> correctly.).  The reason that I did not include the fftw is that I could
> not find it on my computer.  Any ideas where it might be, or might it be
> hiding under a different name??
> Hope this helps...

I already knew for fftw and postgres (I had the problem with pre2....).
Now it is compiling.
I have slightly modified the .spec file. If someone is interested to
build RPMs for his RedHat box, I can send it.


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