[GRASSLIST:5063] image alignment

Mike Sears msears at mama.indstate.edu
Mon Nov 25 19:55:41 EST 2002

I have a set of images, all of which are relatively of the same area, though 
the images are all slightly offset.  I need to either align all of the images 
to a reference image or or be able to batch process the images to a set of 
known ground coordinates.

Within each image, there are markers that have known xy coordinates.  I 
understand that I could use i.points and i.rectify for each individual image. 
That would take quite a while as I have hundreds of images.

Is there a way to automatically align(and in some cases rescale) the images 
automatically or in some batch process, or am I stuck with rectifying each 
individual image?...or is there a better way to do  this task altoghether?

Thanks in advance,


Michael W. Sears, Ph.D.
Department of Life Science
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809


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