[GRASSLIST:1690] Mac OS X - Grass 5.3cvs e 5.7cvs compiled

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Wed Nov 5 12:08:47 EST 2003

Grass 5.3cvs and Grass 5.7cvs work in Mac OS X

You need some libraries from FINK:
Download FINK from (http://fink.sf.net)

and download some new libraries.

There are not Grass binaries because they are big but if you want 
send me your request.

Test that program (proj4.4.7, gdal1.1.9, postgres+postgis 7.3.4).

You need Fink and MySQL for other libraries.

Read the INSTALL file

There are error in grass 5.0.3rc5.

If you want Grass 5.0.2 go to Fink. It's easy and it works

Thanks to Markus Neteler

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