[GRASSLIST:1691] setting multiuser grass enviroment

Eidan Yoson eidanyosis at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Nov 5 20:02:43 EST 2003

Hi, I'm a linux sysadmin trying to set up permissions
for using grass with multiple users accounts. I've
started tcltkgrass from root account, but from any
user account gives me permission error.

"you do not have access to any of these mapsets"

I've done the following:

# groupadd workgroup
# mkdir /usr/local/grass-data

and ungzipped many mapsets (leics, weather, ansi,..)

# chmod -R 2775 /usr/local/grass
# chmod -R 2775 /usr/local/grass-data
# umask 002

added users to workgroup

$ newgrp workgroup
$ grass5 -tcltk

I've realized that every mapset dir & file needs owner
user permission to start the grass shell, any
workaround?. I'll appreciatte any help, thanks in


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