[GRASSLIST:1692] ps.map grid lat/long

Ian Macmillan ian_macmillan at umail.ucsb.edu
Wed Nov 5 20:26:08 EST 2003

hey all, I am trying to make a postscript map with ps.map but am having a hard
time producing a grid.  I am in a lat long location, which I suspect may be the
problem.  The script I have tried is as follows

> rgb p15r53_b3x p15r53_b2x p15r53_b1x
> grid 10000
>>> color indigo 
>>> numbers 2 indigo
>>> end
> scale 1:100000
> sites crdates 
>>> color red
>>> desc n
>>> size 0.5
>>> end
> end

I have also tried (grid 00:00:30) etc. but no luck.  My map is approximately 125
km across.  The map prints fine, just no grid.  Any suggestions?  Does ps.map
produce a grid in a lat/long projection?  Many thanks


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