[GRASSLIST:1746] Re: Point data from dxf file.

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 05:38:41 EST 2003

> Trying to inport point data from dxf files in grass5.0.3, I supposed
> to use v.in.dxf and made a selection for a specific layer (containing
> the points I need to import into grass). The only way to select layer
> seems to be using the "lines" options, layers are recognized but
> points are displaied as vertical straight lines.
> Is there another way to import those features?

You might try v.to.sites on the result and see what happens.

You might try loading the DXF file into 'qcad' and only highlight the
layer you want (shade the eyeballs) & re-save a file with only that
layer and then import that.


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