[GRASSLIST:3464] Re: Geophysical/Potential field modules for GRASS?

Andrew selkiesdad at twcny.rr.com
Fri May 21 13:02:06 EDT 2004

I have designed a simple approach to scripting (bash and perl) and 
running from witin the grass shell. I generate many (hundreds sometimes) 
of filtered Bouguer surfaces satisfying different extent and filter 
parameters in an iterative loop. It is easy to do, but I use the perl 
and the GMT tools for reducing,  interpolating and filtering my raw 
data. I import this into grass and set up some of the support files, all 
from small master scripts. I found the fft/ifft modules in grass 
awkward, having become accusomed to setting my filter parameters from 
the command line in GMT, but I could probably figure out an equivalent 
way using the grass tools in a script if I had to. I have ideas for a 
module related to this, including perhaps color palette creation and 
asignment support from a color-chooser like interface. I have a problem 
where this would be useful. I am only a one-shot scripter, though, 
myself. I don't think I could tackle this, even in Tcl/Tk.

Funkmeister wrote:

> Hello, I will need to process/interpret some geophysical data 
> (gravity, mag) and I would like to use GRASS for this purpose. Is 
> anyone aware of any modules available for GRASS? I need to do things 
> like trend removal, terrian corrections, Bouguer correction, reduction 
> to pole, downward continuation, etc. I will also need to apply any 
> number of 2-D filters.
> If there are no suitable modules, I will likely write them. So please 
> also let me know if anyone else is interested in such modules, and 
> features that would be desired.
> Thank you,
> Craig

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