[GRASSLIST:6342] convert vector to raster

Carlos Henrique Grohmann guano at usp.br
Tue Apr 5 17:29:13 EDT 2005

I was trying to make a 3D dysplay of a DEM with geology over it, but NVIZ
doesn't handle vector areas (color filed), so I figured out about convert my
vector geology to raster, but then I couldn't get the colors! I can set up a
single value, or a column in the table, but this col can't be GRASSRGB, which I
use to give me the right colors on screen. 
How can I get this 3D-geology?

thanks all

          Carlos Henrique Grohmann - Guano  
   Geologist M.Sc - Doctorate Student at IGc-USP - Brazil
        Linux User #89721  - guano at usp dot br

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