[GRASSLIST:6343] Re: convert vector to raster

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Wed Apr 6 01:24:43 EDT 2005


You are almost there. Use the 'rules' option in r.colors to specify the
color you want for each value in your new raster map. Then you can do the
drape with the colors you want. For an ortho-view, create a shaded relief
map (under raster/terrain analysis in the menus). Then drape the colored
geology raster over it using d.his (display/display raster map in the


On 4/5/05 2:29 PM, "Carlos Henrique Grohmann" <guano at usp.br> wrote:

> Dears, 
> I was trying to make a 3D dysplay of a DEM with geology over it, but NVIZ
> doesn't handle vector areas (color filed), so I figured out about convert my
> vector geology to raster, but then I couldn't get the colors! I can set up a
> single value, or a column in the table, but this col can't be GRASSRGB, which
> I
> use to give me the right colors on screen.
> How can I get this 3D-geology?
> thanks all
> Carlos

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