[GRASSLIST:6497] Re: m.proj s.in.ascii s.to.rast

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 14:14:33 EDT 2005

there's information in here:
But, essentially:
m.proj hasn't been ported to GRASS 6.0
s.in.ascii is now v.in.ascii
s.to.rast is now v.to.rast

The rationale behind this has been the move away from sites and
vectors into vectors, with points (former sites) being a particular
type of vector. Or so I understand it!
Hope that helps.

On 4/15/05, Martin du Saire <mdusaire at umn.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed GRASS6.0, the installation was a lot easier (as I recall) 
> than installing 5.0 a year ago.
> Last time I worked with GRASS (Feb 2004), I was trying to calculate the 
> landcover statistics in a 500km radius around a research site using the 
> NLCD from USGS:
> a)  I used m.proj2 to convert my site location to the appropriate
> projection.
> b)  defined the site with s.in.ascii, and converted it to a raster using 
> s.to.rast.
> c)  created the buffer zone using r.buffer
> d)  patched the landcover map in the buffer zone with r.patch -z
> e)  calculated statistics with r.stat -c
> What happened to m.proj(2), s.in.ascii, and s.to.rast?
> I gather these commands no longer exist. In that case I need some help 
> figuring out how to do this in 6.0.
> Thanks.
> Martin
> [Originally posted to win-Grass, so I apologize for multiple posting] 

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