[GRASSLIST:7789] Re: r.cost execution time

Ellen De Beuckeleer ellen.debeuckeleer at incgeo.be
Thu Aug 4 08:41:03 EDT 2005

Oeps, it seems like the default maximal cost given in the GUI is 0??? 
This might be the problem. I ame rerunning the line below without the 
max_cost=0 (stupid me...). Hope this will solve the problem.... it is 
now running for 4 minutes, so I let you know if it is actually solved 
somewhere later today, tomorrow...?


Ellen De Beuckeleer wrote:

> Dear list,
> I want to compute a cost surface using r.cost. I used the GRASS user 
> interface to input the parameters which resulted in the following line:
> r.cost input=costTotal output=costsurface coordinate=-10698,-7021 
> stop_coordinate=-1216,-221 max_cost=0 percent_memory=25.
> I didn't use the -k option as this needs longer execution time and I 
> ame only testing at the moment, but my proces is already running for 
> over 1000 minutes. Is this normal (image dimensions: 640x480)? If so 
> how can I estimate the remaining execution time? If not: what's going 
> wrong?
> Greetz,
> Ellen

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