[GRASSLIST:8027] Re: r.in.gdal -> segfault

Stefan Istvan stefi at geohidroterv.hu
Tue Aug 23 08:05:47 EDT 2005

2005-08-23, k keltezéssel 09:33-kor Paul Kelly ezt írta:
> Stefan Istvan wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I tried to import a scanned map using the r.in.gdal module in the
> > following way:
> > I created a temporary x-y location larger than the scanned map, then
> > issued the "r.in.gdal input=filename ouput=nameofrastermap" command. It
> > results in segmentation fault. I tried to set the debug level higher,
> > but there are no other error messages.
> > The scanned map is in a jpg file. I have only read rights to this file,
> > but I don't think it's problem.
> > I use grass 5.0.3 version.
> > 
> > Any idea what could be the problem?
> Perhaps your gdal is linked to GRASS using the gdalbridge, which didn't 
> work with more recent versions of GDAL. You should recompile r.in.gdal 
> after re-running the configure script using the --with-gdal option, or 
> use a later version of GRASS where this is the default.

I've just installed Grass 6.0, and the problem disappeared.

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