[GRASSLIST:8028] Oblique Mercator Projection in GRASS

Dave Kindem dkindem at chartermi.net
Tue Aug 23 09:08:24 EDT 2005

I am currently using GRASS 6.1.cvs, installed from Lorenzo Moretti's  

I'm working with data from the State of Michigan Geographic Data  
Library, which is published in the Michigan GeoRef system, based on  
an Oblique Mercator projection [http://www.michigan.gov/documents/ 

 From what I can tell, the Proj4 OMERC program accepts parameter  
information in a two ways:
--the two point method and
--the central point and azimuth method.
Currently, the GRASS seems to accept only two point information, and  
the State of Michigan publishes central point and azimuth parameters.

Is there a way to set up an OMERC-based location within GRASS using  
the data I have?  Or, alternatively, can the OMERC interface be  
modified to accept central point and azimuth parameters in a future  

Dave Kindem
Grand Haven, Michigan

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