[GRASSLIST:6990] clip a raster

Jano Ferencik ferencik.ioan at personal.ro
Thu Jun 2 17:22:11 EDT 2005

Hi list, 
i imported a DEM in GRASS  from an ascii file(exportted from ARC).i had holes 
in it...i filled the DEM with r.fillnulls....but I don't know how make the 
filled DEM to look exactly like i was looking before filling it, meaning that 
r.fillnuls produced a rectangular  raster map where some areas where was no 
data before appear as some blocks..i tried to create a MASK  by renaming to 
MASK a raster files obtained from coverting a shapefile representing the 
boundary of my area but the result was the same...i don't know how to clip the 
filled DEM  to appear without those blocks...maybe you give me an idea... 

Cv-ul tau ia 500 euro/luna!

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