[GRASSLIST:7068] NVIZ error in Grass 6.0.0 (Windows)

Eva L. Hulse evahulse at buffalo.edu
Tue Jun 7 17:25:49 EDT 2005

So I was trying to learn how to use NVIZ, based on the instructions
here: http://www.ing.unitn.it/~grass/docs/tutorial/english/NV_General_en.htm

I am using the 6.0 version of the spearfish data.  Pretty much
everything else i've done in the GRASS tutorial works fine.  But when i
tried to run NVIZ using elevation.dem for elevation and the vector
overlay railroads, I got a variety of error messages including, but not
limited to, "4 [main] nviz 4080 fixup_mmaps_after_fork: WARNING:
VirtualProtectEx to return to previous state in parent failed for
MAP_PRIVATE address 0x2FFC7000, Win32 error 87"  and "8 [main] nviz 3868
fork_parent: child 4080 died waiting for dll loading".  I have a screen
shot of the whole thing if anyone is interested.

What I want to know is: am i using the wrong data in the wrong way, is 
there something broken in my version of NVIZ, or is there some sort of 
fundamental issue with my computer such as not enough memory?

Eva L. Hulse
PhD Student
University at Buffalo Anthropology Department
evahulse at buffalo.edu

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