[GRASSLIST:7117] Re: sun solaris binaries

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 14:35:55 EDT 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Paulo Marcondes wrote:

> 2005/6/10, Markus Neteler <neteler at itc.it>:
>> So far I am not aware of grass 6.0 binaries for sun solaris, a
>> volunteer having such a machine is needed to compile the software.
> I could talk to the admin people here and try to set up something.
> However, I heard that there may be differences between Solaris releases...
> Maybe a binary compiled here may not work on Solaris other than 9.0
> (if I'm not mistaken by it's identity.

Well I think they should be upwardly compatible. Solaris 2.7 or 8 would be 
a good base version I think.

I have compiled the current 6.1 CVS on an Ultra 5 machine with a 
non-quite-complete install of Solaris 8. OpenGL doesn't seem to be 
available so that is left out. As are Postgresql and mysql. The binaries 
will also require various pieces of sunfreeware from sunfreeware.com or 
your local mirror.
They are not very polished at all and somebody else could do better, but 
we have lots of Solaris machines sitting around in my current job and I 
thought I'd do a little bit to help out. I also included GDAL and PROJ 
within the distribution.

Available to download from:

> What sould be compilation times and schedules?
> Should I compile every branch in the cvs or just prior to release?

Whenever you can to start with, but it's convenient for bug reports etc. 
if they correspond to a specific release version.

> Anyways, it seems better if the first compiler/maintainer also doubles
> as user/tester, so he can first test the files and maybe recompile if
> needed.
> I may be able to compile, but not to test thoroughly, since I don't do
> any GIS at work.

Just getting it to compile properly is enough of a challenge in itself I 


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