[GRASSLIST:7129] Re: mac os x binaries and i.points

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 19:34:50 EDT 2005

> everytime I try to run i.points, it runs fines up to the point that  
> it asks for keyboard input. Then in the  i.points window the text is  
> garbage, so I cant read the instructions.
> The same goes even if I have X11 as my graphic enviroment. I tried to 
> bypass the problem by starting in text mode, but it stills open a  
> window for i.points (I mean the command window, and not the map
> window).
> Is this a known issue?

You are using the 6.1-cvs development version, correct? I broke this a
while back and have been meaning to fix/revert the change. It's fine in
the 6.0.x line.

Solution: don't use the GUI.
To start, from the shell prompt run "i.points groupname".

Issue: I changed the module to use G_parser() & make it into a normal
GRASS module.

Temporary fix (not done yet): revert G_parser() code, add parser like
code to read arguements from the command line if given.

Outstanding issue: How to deal with interactive modules which require
keyboard input. Spawning xterms from the GUI is not a good long term


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