[GRASSLIST:7364] add second category to boundaries

"Molina Müller" yuhuu at gmx.de
Wed Jun 29 06:01:43 EDT 2005

How can I add (using a module or script, not manually with v.digit) a second
category to the boundaries in a vector map?

I'd like to attach the cat's of both areas on the two sides of the
boundaries to the boundaries. Using v.category or v.reclass didn't work
because they always create a new vector with only one single cat per
In general, I'm searching for a way to calculate the perimeters of the areas
in a vector map.   v.to.db could probably do it, but it seems all the
boundaries limiting an area would have to have the same cat in order to get
the summarized length of them. But as most of the boundaries are limiting
TWO areas I have to attach TWO cat's to these boundaries (which is possible
using v.digit but too much work...).)

I'd appreciate some advices / hints
many thanks,
Jones Müller

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