[GRASS-user] Re: [Qgis-user] Basic GIS course ideas

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 16 08:43:58 EDT 2006

[sorry for the mass-post; this probably deserves its own mailing list, or
be moved to the freegis.org mailing list ??]

The Thread so far:

Benjamin Ducke wrote:
> I agree, a dedicated site for teaching open source GIS would
> be the best idea, since there are so many components involved
> here: GRASS, QGIS, R, PostgreSQL, ParaView, ...
> I have attached a draft text about GRASS and QGIS for archaeologists.
> It also contains a general introduction to GIS concepts and file
> formats.

I don't know how the various people who run these sites feel about it :),
but natural homes for Open-GIS-Edu documentation, video tutorials,
presentaions, PDFs, etc. could be:

OSGeo Library

A new open_gis_edu project on Intevation's Gforge server?

A new open_gis_edu area at freegis.org? (again hosted by Intevation)

If large video files etc are to be uploaded, access must be restricted
to known folks/caretakers in a CVS or SVN (or similar) system and hosts
have to be generous enough to serve the bandwidth.

I think the GRASS wiki is a fine place to collect links, text documents
and small still images until such time something more formal is set up.


>> Otto Dassau wrote:
>>>>> But I do not have the time or resource to set up an appropriate
>>>>> website and administer this.
>>>> The GRASS wiki site is a perfect place for this development.
>>>>  (can it serve PDF, presentation attachments?)
>>> no, currently it doesn't support uploads, documents (pdf, images,
>...) >> have to be stored somewhere else.
>> create a quasi-liberal access area in gforce GRASS svn? or better,
>> create a new project on gforge for "open_gis_edu" or similar.
>>   http://wald.intevation.org/projects/grass/
> Thats a great idea.
> Can we use this place to put video tutorials online?
> I just created a very simple gui feature demo with grass63
> to encourage all users and dev's to create video tutorials.
> http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~soeren/grass/modules/screenshots/grass63feature_tour.html
> It would be great to have many thematic video tutorials
> to explain the basics and advanced features of grass.

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