[GRASS-user] groups and subgroups

Travis Kirstine traviskirstine at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 13:10:16 EDT 2006

Hi all,
 I'm a fairly new user to grass and am trying to test classify imagery
using  unsupervised and supervised classification techniques, however
I'm looking for some clarification in grouping imagery using i.group.
My basic understanding is that a group is a set of imagery i.e RGB,
PAN, NIR ... what then is the subgroup?

The data that I'm analyzing is digital orthophoto acquired using
vexcel  ultracam and has the following spectral resolution:

 BLUE      390-470nm
 GREEN   420-580nm
 RED        620-690nm
 NIR         690-900nm

I've import the files into grass with the following names

area1_cir_band1  (near infrared band) seperate dataset


I believe that after importing grass goups the RGB automatically

I then grouped all the datasets using i.group to area1_group

Is that correct? If so what is the subgroup?

Any information would be much appreciated


Travis K.

Toronto, Canada
"She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all."
-Bob Dylan-

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