[GRASS-user] odd question

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Tue Oct 24 11:09:41 EDT 2006

David Forero wrote:
> Perhaps I'm missing something quite obvious, but I recently compiled the 
> Grass 6.2 RC3 and I can't find many of the basic commands (eg g,copy, 
> g.list, g.manual...) However there are many command still there (eg. 
> g.access, g.ask, g.filename...).
> I looked through the source tarball and it appears that those commands 
> don't have .c files and such.  

They are in general/manage/cmd, except for g.manual which is a script is 
therefore in the scripts/g.manual directory

> Am I doing something wrong when I 
> download/compile Grass? 

check error.log

> Or, have many of these commands been 
> deprecated?  


> Or am I not understanding something else?

Probably something went wrong during compile, but you have to check 
error.log. Or go into general/manage/cmd, launch make and check for 
relevant error messages.


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