[STATSGRASS] RE: [GRASS-user] kriging

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Sep 25 13:50:04 EDT 2006

Māris Nartišs wrote:
> Hi Maciek,
> I will disagree with You - as 
> http://surfit.sourceforge.net/surfit/fault__approx_8tcl-example.html says:
> "The main idea of fault curves is that parts of resulting surface between 
> fault curve are independent of each other." 
> It's like masking areas between fault lines, interpolating them seperatly and 
> patching together. Only difference - in GRASS you must do it manualy for each 
> fault-enclosed area.


OK, I don't know anything about Surfit, so maybe I shouldn't argue. But
I'll tease it for fun :). Please, tell me how you think it is possible
to reproduce the effect of the fault line in the center of the image at:


by "masking areas between fault lines, interpolating them seperatly and
patching together".

This fault line there makes the surface discontinuos only on that
limited distance where it's present, accross a single, consistent area.
I can't imagine how I would achieve the same interpolating separate
areas and merging them afterwards.

Also mind the shorter fault line here:

What do you think now?


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