[GRASS-user] MS-Windows native GRASS & shell scripts

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Tue Sep 26 06:28:05 EDT 2006

Roger Bivand wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Luigi Ponti wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I have finally found some time to install the new native winGRASS by 
>> Huidae Cho and it was OK.
>> I was wondering if it is possible to run some scripts I wrote (bash 
>> scripts, containing calls to perl scripts that also use gnuplot) under 
>> the new winGRASS. Based on my ignorance, this sounded to me like 
>> impossible (since it is a Minimalist GNU), then I read in the MinGW 
>> FAQ's that you could...
> I think you need first to read up on MSYS, which can provide what you need 
> in a simpler way than Cygwin. The MS-Windows native binary is actually an 
> MSYS build - MSYS provides enough shell-level support to run configure 
> scripts. If Windows Perl and gnuplot are available in your path, they 
> should also integrate well enough. There are issues with the ordering of 
> directories in the path, which is not always simple, but may be less of a 
> problem than using Cygwin.
> A concern that I have had is that the current installation is rather 
> invasive - I already have MinGW and MSYS (and tcltk), and build proj4 and 
> GDAL there anyway, but the install procedure seems to assume a "bare" 
> platform - is it possible to respect the fact that some software may 
> already be present? By the way, I think PostgreSQL is absolute overkill 
> for Windows.

I agree, but Huidae said:

 > PostgreSQL is required since some of modules are linked against their
 > libraries.

Huidae, would it be possible to limit this to some runtime libraries, 
and not the entire postgresql server ?

Also, it might be interesting to put compiling instructions on the web, 
so that people could compile without Postgresql support if they wanted to.

I also find that MSYS is a pretty heavy dependency (several hundreds of 
MB...). Could that be trimmed down in any way ?


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