[GRASS-user] Problem with GRASS 6.3 startup

Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 13 20:11:03 EDT 2007


Actually this is not a new problem per se; it seems every time I build a new version of GRASS from source the Tcl/Tk GUI 
fails to come up when I hit 'Enter' after selecting the Location, Mapset, etc. What happens is that the GUI trys to come-up, 
flashes, and I get an error in the Term window that references a .tcl file at the last line of the start-up script.

My inelegant way of handling this in the past was to simply copy shared libraries for gdal, Tcl/Tk, and proj4 into the GRASS 
lib directory. I would like to do this in a better way; what should I do? Unfortunately, I have to build *everything* in a non-
standard location due to system constraints.

What makes my current situation more difficult is that I am in another office (Salt Lake City, Utah), trying to help them get 
going with GRASS and my 'fix' is not working. What we ended up doing was to secure copy my Tcl/Tk shared libs from my 
machine in Ohio to the one we're installing on, and it's not working.

Supposedly, the systems I'm working on have Tcl/Tk installed, but we could not find the shared libs. Should we build Tcl/Tk 
locally to ensure compatability? Is this the likely problem?


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