[GRASS-user] Problems with r.le.setup

andrew.haywood at poyry.com andrew.haywood at poyry.com
Thu Feb 8 17:00:08 EST 2007

Thanks for replying Hamish!

I'm definitely using grass63 cvs (weekly snapshot from last week)

The error occurs when through the last stage of the interactive menu 
within the program. (I simply typed r.le.setup at the prompt)

I will try and use the more full command "r.le.setup map= vect= " instead.

However, I would be interested in using the new r.li commands but am 
confused on how I can get grey-scale type texture attributes out of them 
(seems like its more fragmentation statistics than texture)
Any suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.

At the moment I have reverted to using r.texture but that runs across the 
whole raster and tends to blow out my memory. I really want to only 
calculate texture at about 100 points - so the centered on sites options 
in r.le and r.li are useful.



Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com> 
02/08/2007 08:14 PM

andrew.haywood at poyry.com
grassuser at grass.itc.it
Re: [GRASS-user] Problems with r.le.setup

Andrew wrote:
> just compiled grass63 on a suse10.2 and am now having problems running
> r.le.setup.
> I would like to do the analysis centered on site but when I get to the
> last stage of selecting the sites vector the following error occurs.
> WARNING: Adapted sites library used for vector points (module should be
>          updated to GRASS 6 vector library).
> ERROR: G_get_site() not yet updated.
> I have created the sites using v.in.ascii command and it contains 
> x,y,z,cat,
> Any suggestions on how I can calculate texture attributes for the site
> locations would be appreciated.

In GRASS 6 "sites" are considered vectors.

I am a bit confused how you got there though -- the non-functional sites
option was removed before GRASS 6.2 was released. Are you sure it's
GRASS 6.3? Does this happen when you enter the map names just as the
program begins or from the menus within the program?

this works for me:  (spearfish dataset)

GRASS63> r.le.setup map=elevation.dem vect=bugsites


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