[GRASS-user] Re: Cygwin winGRASS 6.2 Errors!

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 15 18:19:41 EST 2007

yuri bay wrote:
> I have re-installed all the 'stuffs' that are required by cygwin and
> grass.  Now, when I have successfully created a mapset, when I try to
> open it, the Grass Manager GIS window failed to opened (said
> Application Error), with the GIS manager's window map image hang in
> the middle of my screen.  The Output window and the Map Display
> window opened successfully.  Would anyone be able to help??

does "g.region -p" now work from the GRASS command line prompt?

do the non-GUI display modules work?:
  g.region rast=yourmap
  d.mon x0
  d.rast yourmap
  d.vect roads

If the command line instructions work, does the old "d.m" GUI work?


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