[GRASS-user] Adding MySQL to 6.2.1, fedora core 6

David Adam david at quercus.org
Mon May 14 23:31:15 EDT 2007

I have downloaded the binary fc6 rpm version and installed it, but
db.connect does not list mysql as one of the driver options, so
I assume that I must compile from source before I can use my mysql server.
Since the binary version seems to work for the most part, can I simply
recompile grass, or do I have to start from scratch and recompile all of the
dependencies as well?
Also, does it matter that in the rpm/fedora directory of the source 
there are
.spec files for grass_FC2, grass_FC3, and grass_FC4, but none for FC5 or 
I'm needing to run under FC6...
Any suggestions or pointers will be much appreciated.

Lake County, California
(just north of the Napa Valley)

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