[GRASS-user] Resolution size for v.to.rast of points

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 03:04:55 EDT 2007

> Roy Sanderson wrote:
> > I'd be grateful if someone could advise on the appropriate use of
> > v.to.rast on points vector data.  The issue is in selecting the
> > maximum resolution that still correctly converts all the points,
> > without losing any because two or more points end up in the same
> > raster grid cell.  At the moment we are using a trial and error
> > approach, by rasterising the points, then running r.stats to count
> > the number of pixels.  I recall the old s.to.rast flagging a warning
> > if the resolution was incorrect on rasterisation, but can't work out
> > how to enable this in GRASS 6.2.

Daniel Victoria wrote:
> I believe you have to find out what is the shortest distance between
> two of your points. Then set the resolution to half of that value.
> Not sure how to do that in Grass but that's the idea.

v.distance output=  [upload=dist ?]
v.to.db option=length


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