[GRASS-user] Multiple errors after lengthy absence from Grass 7

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Wed Aug 6 18:12:33 EDT 2008

Patton, Eric wrote:

> Just back from the field...wow, what a lot of changes that have been
> going on in the codebase! Catching up on Grass emails only took 7
> hours ;)

As Martin says, GRASS 7 development has now started. The first phase
of development is to eliminate deprecated functionality. This will
break stuff. Eventually we should get around to replacing most of the
stuff which breaks with more usable alternatives. In the meantime, use
6.4 if you just want a working version.

r32551 (eliminate vask, curses and other terminal interaction) was
just the warm-up act. I have just committed a more significant change
(r32584) that eliminates monitors, and breaks anything which depends
upon them (e.g. anything which uses the mouse).

Most of the modules which were broken by these changes are likely to
stay broken either for the foreseeable future, or permanently. Some of
the functionality will eventually be available via other means (e.g.
as part of the wx GUI or as stand-alone wx applications).

> After a fresh make distclean, and a lengthy svn update, Grass 7
> fails to start up and exits with an error "ERROR: Incompatible
> library version for module".

Note that the set_data program (the curses program which prompts for
database, location, and mapset at startup) is dead. If you built
without using "make distclean" first, you probably have an old version
lying around, which won't work with the updated libraries.

For startup, you need to either use the Tcl/Tk UI (gis_set.tcl) or
pass the full path to the mapset directory as an argument to the
grass70 script.

> Checking the error.log, I see the following:

> /usr/local/grass_trunk/gui/wxpython/vdigit

This is probably the (known) libgdi issue, and isn't related to the
latest changes.

The others all depend upon functionality which has been removed. Most
of those modules will be unavailable in 7.x for the foreseeable

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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