[GRASS-user] Re: link to datasets from other locations?

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Wed Jul 1 18:47:20 EDT 2009

>> So sharing data between locations is not really supported?
> Not at all supported. (except for v.proj, r.proj, i.rectify)
What about a command that lets users safely move a vector from one 
locagion into the other?

>> Even if I just want to add the layer to the map view?
> if you want to mix things you must use multiple mapsets from the
> same location with @othermapset.
But how to /display/ data from another location?

Imagine a shared location with common data such as world borders or GSHHS.
It would not be space efficient to import such large data into every new 
Rather sharing the common location when needed.

> perhaps you could sneak a way with r.external using the GRASS
> GDAL driver plugin?
I will try this.

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