Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994, was - Re: [GRASS-user] Convert OGR vector layer to GRASS vector map

S M morrisxs09 at
Thu Jul 23 00:37:51 EDT 2009

I recently installed winGRASS 6.4.0RC5 (1st time user) and on first start up
of winGRASS to explore an Australian MID/MIF data set, I also could not use
GDA 1994.

I was reviewing the lists to subscribe to when I found the GDA 1994 message
on the grass-user list.

Here's the link to the Australian website defining GDA 1994. In addition,
the menus to the left shows history of the Australian datum.


Is there any schedule for when winGRASS will support GDA 1994?

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