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apachemaven apachemaven at yeah.net
Fri Mar 27 03:25:21 EDT 2009

I want to handle some hdf data through a web service,and in the web service I handle the data by grass, so the problem comes out.The following is my setps:
1)translate the hdf4 to a  tif by a FWTools2.2.8 which call the gdal command actually)
    for example I use the command "gdal_translate [the subset] d:\aa.tif" ,
2)import the tif 
   "r.in.gdal input=D:/aaa6.tif output=ggg"
3)process the ggg data of grass format 
   for example "r.buffer map=ggg distance=30 output=temp"
4)convert the temp to tif 
   "r.out.gdal input=temp format=GTiff output=d:/dd.tif"
Then in the web service I return the url of the dd.tif to client.
   I want to know the above setps right or not?
and in the step of 2 and 4 problems always come out..,a common problem is the data is blank even I reset the region use  "g.region rast=..."
My god,I am crazying@@!
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