[GRASS-user] GLOBCOVER import and manage

Gilbert Ferrara gilbertferrara1974 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 10:28:40 EST 2010

Greetings All

First of all let me warn you that I'm new at GRASS :)

Ok, I need to use ESA GLOBCOVER product for a certain area of the map
(Belgium) and I'm not sure I'm doing this right.

1- I have defined location folder
2- Defined "Read Projection and datum terms from a georreferenced file"
where I chose  my GLOBCOVER file
3- Then I inserted a top/bottom Lat and left/right Lon. I imagine a square
around Belgium
4- Then I import my European GLobcover image (bigger then my defined
And it seems to be working :)

Now, If I have an image (e.g. IKONOS) with a ddiferent coordinates system,
when I import, GDAL automatically converts to my coordinate system? And how
about image resolution? because, IKONOS has a bigger resolution. Will it be
changed to be according to Region set and with Globcover product?


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