[GRASS-user] translucency and svg output

pete davidson caitifty at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 16:59:07 EDT 2010

Thanks to all for these suggestions and comments.

I will look at the options suggested by Andreas, and follow Glynn's comment
to explore why Cairo dropped to rasterization - it's good to know that
*that's* why I got raster output, rather than wrapping a raster being all
that Cairo does!

To answer Hamish, no, I was exporting each individual layer using d.vect and
d.out.file.  Your question gives me the idea I should try using v.out.svg
for individual layers to help work out why Cairo dropped to raster output
and/or to produce individual layers to stitch together later if necessary.

Re Vincent's comment that holding vector format to 'the very end',
unfortunately what I'm doing isn't for single-use - I'm producing maps that
will be used by several end users for uses ranging from conference posters
to individual papers, so I can't predict final image sizes in advance (and
I'm not going to be the only end-user).  Hence my desire to stick to a
vector format in the hopes that they'll at least scale cleanly.  Although if
Vincent is willing to share an example script that uses imagemagik to
compose ps layers I'd be delighted to see it.

Thanks again to all for sharing your thoughts & expertise.

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