[GRASS-user] Connecting GRASS to a MySQL database?

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Sat Sep 25 02:35:41 EDT 2010


OK, you either want to use v.patch or v.overlay, and you want to do it 
via a script so you don't have to handle things manually. Well, ok, six 
files isn't too many ...

Although it can show some bad habits, v.patch is probably the better 
tool here ... eg (in Australia not the US):

v.patch input=NSW,QLD,VIC,SA,WA,TAS,NT,ACT output=Australia -e

This will fail, however, if the tables aren't identical.


On 25/09/10 4:23 PM, Thom DeCarlo wrote:
> Yeah... Merge might not be the right word. I'm importing a lot of 
> files downloaded from the USGS site, for example, state boundaries. 
> There are 6 separate files, but I want them all to go into the same 
> database table/map layer. The import vector function always wants to 
> put each import into its own table/layer.

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